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Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach

Hello my name is Beatrice and I am a Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach. When I hired Ioanna I was starting to build my online presence. 

I met her thanks to a mutual friend and I felt very lucky because I immediately realized that she was the right person to capture my personality through her pictures.

I worked with her on my personal and business branding portfolio and together we had fun and we fulfilled an amazing project.

We had a first meeting where she explored all of my needs and after that she sent me many ideas about how to build my visual marketing story. She helped me with the use of the colors and during this process she was deeply listening to my preferences and at the same time she was giving me her professional and creative point of view and perspective. 

She supported me in preparing the outfits, accessories and the food for my pictures with enthusiasm and positive energy.

During the shoot we always had a great collaboration and Ioanna was so sensitive and caring for making me feel comfortable and capable of expressing myself. Also the post-editing work was very well conducted and she respected my willingness to remain very natural and authentic. 

She is a very generous person, sweet and professional at the same time. I really recommend Ioanna. Trust her. 

Kea Unplugged

Concierge services
Wedding and event planning
Villa rental and lifestyle services

Ioanna managed to get me to relax infront of the camera which awarded great and natural photographs. She was easy going and professional and I am thrilled with the outcome.


AKA Architects



My photoshoot with Ioanna was fantastic from beginning to end. She understood the brief and contributed significantly to the creation of some stunning images.  She's a lot of fun, puts me at ease, and is fantastic at keeping your energy levels up even when your cheeks hurt and you're not sure you can grin for much longer! 

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