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How to make the most of your collection of Personal branding photos

After the Photo shoot with us you will get a link to an Online Gallery with all the best photos.

Bellow is a guide that will help you to make the best of them.

1. Create a Content calendar

Create a content calendar to plan your posts for the next 30 days, before you start posting.

Divide your content into three main categories:

Educational: Share valuable information, tips, and industry insights.

Promotional: Highlight your products, services, or special offers.

Personal: Share behind-the-scenes moments and personal stories.


Storytelling can be used to make complicated concepts more appealing and memorable while developing educational content. Real-life examples, case studies, and anecdotes can help your audience understand the practical applications of your teachings. You may make your educational content more interesting and impactful by humanizing it and tying it to their personal experiences. This method not only informs, but also inspires your audience to act and incorporate your insights into their lives or businesses.


You can use storytelling in promotional posts to share the path of your product or service from conception to completion. Highlight the difficulties you encountered, the solutions you came up with and the impact your offering has had on the lives of your clients. You may build an emotional connection with your audience by connecting with them through a relatable story that goes beyond an ordinary sales pitch.


Personal posts are an excellent way to use storytelling to reveal the heart and soul of your brand. Showcase stories from your entrepreneurial path, such as the challenges you've faced, the wins you've enjoyed, and the lessons you've learned along the way. Discuss your interests, values, and the driving force behind your company.

We encourage you to use this plan as a starting point and adapt it to your unique brand story and audience preferences. As you gain more experience and gather insights from your analytics, feel free to refine your strategy and develop a content plan that works best for you. Ready to start building a compelling social media presence.

2. Repurpose and resize your photos.

Resize or crop a selection of 10 personal branding photos to create different versions. This allows you to reuse the same photographs with a fresh perspective.

For example, you can create:

  • A square version for Instagram

  • A horizontal version for Facebook

  • A vertical version for LinkedIn

3 Mix and match your photos with captions

Pair each photo with a different caption to make a variety of posts. For example, you can use the same image with different descriptions for an educational post, a promotional post and a personal post with different captions.

4. Rotate platforms and categories

Rotate between platforms and content categories to keep things interesting. On Day 1, for example, you may publish an instructional post on Facebook, a promotional post on Instagram, and a personal post on Linkedin. Switch the platforms and categories on Day 2.

5. Use quotes and testimonials

Overlay text on your images to share quotes, client testimonials, or thought-provoking statements. This adds value to your visuals and engages your audience with different content formats.

6. Share behind the scenes stories

Use your photos to give your audience a glimpse into your daily life, work process or personal interests. Share stories and anecdotes that humanise your Brand and make you relatable .

7. Post content in different formats

Transform your photos into various content formats, such as:

  • Carousel posts: Combine multiple images to create a multi slide post.

  • Videos: Turn your images into a short slideshow, or video with music and text overlays.

  • Stories: Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn stories.

8. Engage with your audience

Encourage participation by asking questions, requesting feedback, or generating polls. Interaction with the audience develops relationships and a sense of community.

9. Collaborate with others

In your posts, tag relevant people or brands, such as clients, team members, or industry influencers. This will improve your visual ability and encourage people to share your material.

Storytelling and your brand

Storytelling is an effective tool that may be used in a variety of social media postings, such as promotional, instructive, and personal content.


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